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Shipping & Handling
All orders are handled through Pay Pal.
For Standard Domestic shipping, charges are as follows:

Amount of Purchase Shipping & Handling Charge
$0.01 - $15.99 $2.50
$16.00 - $20.99 $3.50
$21.00 - $50.99 $4.50
$51.00 - $199.99 $6.50
Over $200.00 $8.50

If you encounter a defect in your jewelry I will repair it at no charge. Please send an e-mail and I will do everything to make it right. I will reimburse you for any shipping charges.

Jewelry Care
Please do not wear your Jewelry while Cleaning, Swimming or taking a Shower. The chemicals used during these activities are hard on all jewelry parts. It is recommended that you do not sleep in your Jewelry - it will cause stress on all moving parts. Wear and tear on any jewelry will shorten the life of the jewelry.  The previous tips will keep your jewelry in good condition.

Sterling Silver
All sterling silver tarnishes.  I keep any sterling pieces in zip lock bags to minimize any tarnish.  If your piece does tarnish, simply rub it with a jewelry polishing cloth and the tarnish will easily come off.  Do not use tarnish removal dips on pieces with Bali beads as the solution will remove the black antiqued look of these beads.

Surgical steel is considered to be hypoallergenic and can be tolerated by people who have trouble wearing either plated or even precious metals in their ears. Please note, "hypo-allergenic" is a relative term. Some people will not be able to tolerate any metals.  My earrings are not "hypo-allergenic" or made of surgical steel unless specifically stated.


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